Nic dwa razy, Niets tweemaal
Passing on objects such as photographs but also stories is important. It is the only way we can better understand our place in the world. Plants and the animal world can teach us a lot about this, for example that there is no such thing as infinite growth or being complete. A plant sprouts, grows and withers, after which this process starts all over again.
My babcia died in 1997, I was born in 1995, we met briefly but I can't remember. Two years ago, I came across a photo of my babcia, she was hugging a birch tree. I have kept thinking about that photo ever since, when I was little and we were driving from the Netherlands to Poland I saw birches along the road. They struck me with their slender white trunks and dancing leaves.
In our family home in Poland, I came across many books on plants and their medicinal qualities. It told something about my babcia as a person, but also about the time in which she lived. I found out that many Poles at that time had such books on plants in their homes. These books and objects of hers contained a certain animation, but I also saw this animation outside the house. I could still touch the plants she planted in the garden and watered and I could see them growing. I saw how birds built their nests from the twigs and I heard the bees buzzing inside the flowers.
By collecting objects and materials from her and carrying them with me, I learned more and more about her. I also got to know the forest around our house, which came to life when I was there. I explored how to create something new from parts left behind. I looked for the relationship between her and me. I learnt an important lesson. I learned that, like the days, we too are not the same.
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