Martha Olech (1995) 
The question I ask myself is how we can heal from the past, how the more-than-human-world can guide us in this process and what we can learn from it. Our perception of the world is related to our feelings, where we come from and what memories we possess. Exploring these subjects can help us connect with each other and our ancestors.
Representing elusive subjects is a recurring theme in my work. Like feelings; which can be invisible, intangible and intense.
I often start my research with archival material, consisting of images and objects that have a direct link to the past. Then, working experimentally and intuitively, I reflect on the material, my thoughts and feelings. Fiction and reality are strongly intertwined, this translates our subjective view of the world.

Toegepaste Fotografie en Beeldcommunicatie/BA - Fotovakschool  2016-2019 
Photography/BA - HKU University of the Arts Utrecht 2020 - 2024
Internship Inge Meijer, 2023
Internship Lois Richard, 2023

(Group) exhibitions 
Something New, Something Borrowed, AG, Utrecht, 2022
Meanderen, OPEN, Delft, 2023
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